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If you are facing a divorce or other family law situation, an attorney on your side can make a big impact.

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Family Law & Bankruptcy in Houston TX

Facing any legal issue can be difficult. The lack of familiarity with the legal process combined with the effect on your day to day life can become overwhelming. Whether you are facing a family law issue, or have been hurt and need to pursue a personal injury claim, you can rely on Dan Kirby’s experience and expertise to guide you through to the best possible outcome for your legal issue.

Houston Divorce Lawyer

Family law issues accompany some of the most emotional and challenging transitions in the lives of families. If you and your loved ones are working through a divorce or other family law issue, it is important to have an advocate on your side, helping you work through your problems in the best possible way. The Law Office of Dan Kirby is ready to provide you with caring and compassionate legal assistance with your family law issues. As a Houston divorce lawyer, Dan Kirby has more than 30 years of experience in guiding families through the difficult times they are facing, including:

  • Protecting their parental rights in disputes over child custody or support
  • Guiding them through the divorce process while taking time to explain every option and the possible consequences
  • Acting quickly to obtain protective orders for the victims of domestic violence

We are ready to put our experience, resources and skills to work for you. Call us at 713-681-1300 today for a consultation, where we can learn about your situation.

A Reputation Built On High-Quality Client Service And Representation

Our legal skills have earned an exceptional reputation — a true testament to the level of commitment and work we will bring to the table when we take on your case.

We understand the emotional roller coaster that a divorce or injury can cause, and we will do our utmost to advance you through the procedures involved as effectively and stress-free as possible.

Our firm will work closely with you to protect your rights as well as those of your family as each of you make your way through the many procedures involved in a divorce, whether officially filing for temporary orders or modifying or enforcing court orders that were previously established. If you have been injured, we will keep you updated on every step and let you know what to expect next.

Our firm understands the impact that any of these legal proceedings can have on your future, so we invest the necessary time into each and every case that comes our way. We understand that every family law situation is unique and that certain solutions will not work for every client. We are prepared to represent you in any venue that can help you achieve a positive outcome, whether that is in mediation, settlement negotiations or at trial.

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Regardless of your unique circumstances, we encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible. There is no family law case that is too complex for us.

To schedule an initial consultation with our Houston family law and personal injury attorney, call 713-681-1300 or send an email to the Law Office of Dan Kirby.